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This blog began as a place where I documented my natural hair journey and shared pictures of my handmade jewelry.  The name Curl Safari was a play with words relating to my natural hair journey.

As I became more active on social media, I realized I needed to talk about more than natural hair. I took a break to refocus and approach Curl Safari with the intention to be a resource — to build an inspired community.

Today Curl Safari is a personal lifestyle blog.  It’s mission is to encourage you and me to lead a happy + independent life.  The blog’s topics surround the journey of natural living, creative business, and motherhood.

If your’e striving to create a life where you can be your true self and do what you love this blog is for you!

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My Journey

At the surface I led a comfortable life, but I started to live (in the verb tense) at the end of 2010.  Like each previous year, I made a resolution to lose weight for the New Year.  But New Year’s Eve of 2010 was different.

My grandfather and uncle had recently passed away.  I hated my job.  I’d ended a relationship with a close friend.  I missed my brother who moved to the west coast.  I dreaded doctor’s appointments because my health was less than picture perfect.  I had high blood pressure at 29 years old and my weight was steadily climbing.  I was depressed.

The only thing going well was my new marriage.  And that wellness was questionable because I knew I couldn’t offer my husband the love he deserved if I wasn’t loving myself.

On the night of December 31, 2010 something clicked.  I had enough.  Everything within me changed.  My spirit was renewed.

I committed myself to live healthier.  This time I stuck with it.  I ate wholesome foods.  I exercised. I prayed. I affirmed the positive. Everyday.

I didn’t cheat myself.

I released over 40 physical pounds and a world of emotional baggage.

My change didn’t happen overnight but the strength of God pushed me.  That same strength keeps me going to this day.

During that time I finally began to embrace all of me.  I acknowledged childhood hurts.  I let myself feel instead of eat. I stopped telling myself the story — you know the one where we tell ourselves we can’t do this, we’re not good enough, or no one in my family has ever done that.  I threw away the limitations and God made me limitless.

I gathered the courage to seek everything that brought me joy.  I welcomed the real me with open arms and I’ve been in love with her ever since.

Of course life isn’t easy.  Struggles present themselves daily.  I regress at times but I’m nowhere near the place I used to be.

You see this life mine is a journey…full of busy days, tired nights, love, toddler snuggles, laughs with my husband, travel, good food, DIY projects, business building, all while keeping up with my ever-growing and sometimes wild head of coily curls.  I wouldn’t trade it!

My journey is just beginning.  I’m determined to live my best life.  For me that life involves trying to live naturally — choosing whole foods and organic products more than less, working toward expanding my creative business, and being an awesome wife and mom.

Will you journey with me?