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3 Ways to Begin Your Natural Living Journey

For the past three years my family has been on a quest to live healthier.  At the height of our lifestyle change, we started to take a more active approach toward learning about how to nourish our bodies, healthy cleaning and personal products, and natural remedies.  We had no idea how to begin revamping our lives but we knew our well-being depended on making better choices.  What started as a desire to live healthier has transformed into our natural living journey.

3 Ways to Begin Your Natural Living Journey

Lifestyle changes are overwhelming.  There’s so much information out there.  It can be confusing to decipher what research is accurate.

Honestly, it can even get scary once you’re aware of all the toxins we consume!  When anxiety kicks in, It’s best to take a deep breath and make a plan.

There are a few things I found helpful when I began my natural living journey.  If you’re new to natural living or making a lifestyle change, the following will be helpful to you:

  1. Mindset:  The success of any lifestyle change begins with your mindset.  It’s key to maintain a positive attitude and to be committed to your process.  Also, allow yourself to be open to new ways of thinking and living.  Change is good.  Embrace it.
  2. Knowledge:  Read as much as you can.  Gather your information and organize it.  Then break it down and make an educated decision about which lessons you will adopt.  Remember, everything published on the internet isn’t necessarily true.  Try to seek reliable sources that provide evidence-based research.
  3. Start Small:  Change doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time.  Be patient and pick one thing at a time to tackle.  For example, you may find it doable to make your own bath and body products while for another person it’s easier to eat organic produce.  Natural living isn’t one size fits all.  Do what works for you.

Are you looking for a place to begin gathering information?  The blog Wellness Mama is a great place to start.  The articles in this blog are easy to understand and lots of topics are covered.  While the blog targets families, it’s really for anyone desiring to live a healthier life.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

If you’re already on your natural living journey how did you begin?  What advice would you offer someone just starting out?