Microblog Recap: Building Your Natural Hair Regimen + Why You’re Not Getting Results

    Determine your goal. Think about what you want to achieve from your hair regimen. Is your goal length retention, repairing breakage, or overall healthy hair? Whatever it is, remember your goal is the foundation of your regimen. Consider your lifestyle. Are you a busy mom? Do you workout regularly? Got a flexible schedule that allows you to experiment with different styles? All these factors play into choosing a regimen that you can stick with. If you’re a busy[Read more]

What to Leave Behind in 2015

As the year closes, you find yourself reflecting. You’re thinking about all that went well in 2015 but you can’t seem to forget what didn’t go as planned. No worries. It’s totally normal to focus on what you want to improve. A motivated woman like you is always going to push herself to do better. Are you ready to release the old and move into the New Year? Here’s 10 things to leave behind in 2015 – in hair and[Read more]

End Your Fight With Dry Natural Hair

You’re sick of dealing with dry natural hair! You refuse to go another day with your hair feeling like a brillo pad.  If you can’t figure out how to keep your hair moisturized and healthy what’s the point in keeping your hair natural? Ugh, so frustrating right?!  The struggle is real. Before you turn all Britney Spears circa 2007 and shave your head bald, here’s 5 things you can do today to end your fight with dry natural hair. 1. Wash your[Read more]

10 Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Natural Hair Blog

Everyone’s doing it. Okay, maybe not everyone but lots of bloggers rebrand.  Some rebrand for a fresher look, to reach a new audience, or to change their business model.  The reasons differ for each person. When the rebrand bug bites you’ll know.  The symptoms are hard to shake.  Maybe you’re feeling them right now. Here’s 10 signs you’re outgrowing your natural hair blog: You feel disconnected. Ever been in a relationship that’s run its course?  You pass each other like[Read more]

3 Ways to Monetize Your Natural Hair Blog

You love your natural hair blog.  It’s your baby. You’d run your blog for free! Or… You ARE running your blog for free. That’s cool.  It’s not all about the money. But, if you dream about one day ditching your 9-5 and transforming your blog into a business, you’ve got to monetize your natural hair blog baby! I know what you’re thinking.  Sales talk can feel a bit sleazy but it’s totally not.  It’s an invitation. You’re simply inviting your[Read more]